Troubled Times

There has been a great deal of revisionism during the last week – The eulogising of  Thatcher points to a political party desperate for a boost to their ratings….Yes she was our first female prime minister, but she only allowed one other woman to be in her cabinet, and seemed to show no sympathy for those women affected by her policies. In fact during her three terms Maggie T was deeply divisive, intransient and dispassionate, and in the end was rejected decisively by her own former allies. The list is familiar – the destruction of the mining, steelmaking and shipbuilding industries, the lack of investment in the NHS, schools and housing, the denigrating of gay people, the friendships with Pinnochet and the apartheid regime. But, despite the efforts of the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and her best friend Murdoch, people have longer memories and better insights than these newspapers give them credit for. As a protest against her wholehearted embrace of the freemarket, and the destruction of the thriving communities of Scotland, Wales and the North of England, lets wear red on Wednesday! (the 17th of April, Maggie’s funeral)



  1. matilda · · Reply

    i’ll wear red on wednesday!!!!!!

    1. And so will I. History lesson number 25. Margaret Thatcher ordered the sinking of the Belgrano when it was sailing away from the combat zone, with the loss of 500 lives.

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